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                                                           BAKE CHEESE TART


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Developing the taste of a long-established store together with our customers

BAKE’s freshly baked cheese tarts have their origins in Kinotoya, a long-established Western confectionery store in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Our tarts started out as delectable chilled blueberry cheese tarts.
How did they originate in Hokkaido?
Shintaro Naganuma, the BAKE representative who is expanding the sale of BAKE cheese tarts into Tokyo, is the eldest son of Kinotoya president Akio Naganuma.


From the time he was a child, Shintaro felt committed to the idea of carrying on the family business, Kinotoya. He joined the company at age 24. Sales needed to be built up again, and Shintaro was made manager of the New Chitose Airport branch. He was not able to come up with any particular solution to the problem, however. A long-time fan of the company’s chilled blueberry cheese tarts, all he managed to do was single these out from all the other cakes displayed each day and recommend them to his customers. One day, while taking part in a particular event, however, Kinotoya sold its cheese tarts unchilled. The staff simply lined up the baking trays with the freshly baked tarts on top and sold them to customers just as they were. Lo and behold, a queue suddenly formed.
Only freshly baked tarts have a combined crunchy and fluffy texture and a cheese aroma that wafts out from them. Looking at the smiles on customers’ faces as they ate the tarts, Shintaro felt certain that he had hit on the solution to their problem.
Thinking back, he recalled a comment by the pastry chefs who made the cheese tarts: “You seem determined to sell them chilled in the stores, but they actually taste the best when they are freshly baked.”

Shintaro realized that it would be a good idea to combine the shop and pastry kitchen into one. He immediately remodeled the New Chitose Airport branch where he was shop manager, installing ovens and racks to line up the baking trays, and started to sell freshly baked tarts instead of the old chilled versions.
In the quest for the perfect taste, they tested recipe after recipe, and also asked customers visiting the store to sample their experiments and share their impressions, thereby gradually improving the product.
To enable customers to tuck into their freshly baked tarts straight away, Shintaro and his staff made the tarts a smaller size that could be eaten all at once. Not everyone likes blueberries, so they removed the blueberries from the top to make the tarts even more widel hanged the way that they bake the pastry—baking it twice, slowly and carefully. This gave the pastry its delightful texture. Through all of this trial and error, they arrived at the freshly baked cheese tarts that we enjoy today.

Commencing with Kinotoya’s New Chitose Airport store, the company opened freshly baked cheese tart specialty stores in Sapporo.
Thinking that he would love to have more people enjoying these delectable cheese tarts, Shintaro based himself in Tokyo and launched BAKE Co., Ltd.
Akio Naganuma, the president of Kinotoya, felt strongly that he would like to create a Western confectionery store in Hokkaido that is loved by the locals. Even so, father and son share the same passion: the quest for delicious cakes. So they started on the journey of creating individual identities as individual companies.
Currently, BAKE cheese tarts are available in Osaka, Fukuoka, and even Hong Kong.
But we feel that we can make BAKE tarts even more delicious. We feel that we can work even harder in the quest to create the most delicious cheese tart that you will ever eat.
With the feedback of everyone who loves cheese tarts, we at BAKE look forward to continuing to produce delicious cheese tarts.  

                                      THE BEST CHEESE TART EVER IN YOUR LIFE

forward to continuing to produce delicious cheese tarts.

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